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It all began when our Cadillac Escalade screen failed like many of yours have. We made an appointment with the Cadillac Dealership to get repaired. To our surprise, the Dealership wanted an absurd amount of money to fix the issue. So, we began searching for a better alternative and was unsuccessful in finding a solution that fit our wallet.

That's when the idea for CUE Rescue was born. We wanted to provide an on-site repair service at an affordable price with flexible appointment times. 


So here we are today, growing our business in the DFW Metroplex and soon expanding to a location near you. We look forward to assisting you and meeting your expectations.

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We take pride in all our client feedback!

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Cue Rescue meet me on my lunch break while I was at work. They did an excellent job and saved me a ton of money.

Vanessa G.
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