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Texas On-Site Installation Areas

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We provide an extended service area in zone 2 and 3 for an additional fee.
Please contact us for extended service areas and we will get you scheduled.

*Pricing Subject to Tax, Credit Card Fees and Extended Service Area Fees*


The #1 Cadillac CUE & Chrysler Uconnect Touch Screen Replacement On The Market Today!
Saving you up to $1200 by skipping the Dealership!

GM & Chrysler Engineers use a Gel-based substance to adhere the touch-screen glass to the outer plastic on the touchscreen. ​


Environmental conditions such as extreme heat and cold dry out the gel and cause hardening and cracking. This makes the OEM screen unresponsive or cosmetically unappealing. ​


On rare occasions, gel drying becomes uneven and causes random or erratic touch responses. These unexpected touches are unsafe and distracting and can be dangerous while driving.

Our Screens Are Guaranteed to Fix the following:

Cosmetic Defects - Cracks, Delamination, Bubbling and Peeling.

Unresponsive or Frozen Touch - Stuck on the "Do not take eyes off the road" page.

Erratic Touches & App Engagements - The screen had been rendered useless.

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